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Newcastle heatwave

Well I am at my desk in my un-airconditioned apartment, it is 45 degrees. I dont mind so much the sweat, the dizziness, the possible electrical fires; its more how if my coral fish tank goes over 27 degrees then my corals start to die. Not my favourite thing as corals don't come cheap in hillbilly newcastle. Work is wrapping up though. so holidays...

Dungeons & Xmas

Well the tree is up, yes its here. A good distraction from this moustache I've been growing for Movember. Jena doesn't like it. I'm considering lopping it off to appease her, but that would just be selling out. I've been enjoying planning out my weekly D&D game lately. I really like how I get to design it all week and then just for a couple of...

Artistic inspiration

These last couple of weeks I have been designing myself a new website for the business. Its going to be awesome (if at all possible). Personally I wish I had more time to be creative. I'm in the kind of position where a lot of the work I do isn't necessarily what I would do if I had the choice. That may be a little bit of a generalization of...

snow and stuff

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful. Working around the clock is not my idea of fun and being tired sure don't help. On a positive note, most of this work has been creative, so I've been happily designing away. I've discovered a fantastic business network that passes referrals. It has really kept me busy! If you live in the Newcastle NSW...

Bird headed knight

Hi again, This will be my second blog for artician! I'm enthusiastic about today because its my birthday party, it will be awesome to see some old friends again. I'm working at the moment though. getting some stuff sorted for my clients. It feels great to know that there is an awesome payout at the end of a hard day, so I plan to party! I've also...

My introduction

How do you do internet. My name is Joel Turner, I am a graphic artist and founder of Clevergreen designs. come see my site: clevergreen.com.au At the moment I am just doing lots of freelance styled work while my wife and I plan to travel Europe together. Ultimately I'd love to get some deep inspiration while over there. but until then I'm here in...

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